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Risk Management Solutions

Ashwood RMS is a bespoke risk management solutions provider. Our services are unique in that we can offer advisory services on traditional security, both electronic and physical, but we can also provide intelligence services, utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) as a means of brand awareness and threat detection.

We offer fully managed IT services, oversight, and coordination, including cyber security measures, penetration testing, and ongoing training services.

Ashwood FPS is a wholly-owned subsidiary with a staff of over 40 armed and unarmed officers that are utilized for on-site facility security, delivery service, and personal protection.

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We have found that our resources pair well with security-conscious, risk-averse individuals and companies.
Our experience and resources make us uniquely adept at coordinating responses and managing processes to help prevent loss or reputational damage.

We pride ourselves on creating long-term solutions for challenges in complex environments.
We are a boutique firm, so we choose our partners carefully so that we can align our business to meet the interest of our partners.

Current Clients

High-net-worth Private Clients

Healthcare Manufacturing

Automotive Retail

Large Real Estate Companies and Resorts


Matt Winningham

Owner, has provided security and executive protection for high-net-worth individuals, public and private company executives, their companies, and residences. Mr. Winningham has taken an ex-pat embedded assignment in Guatemala to establish a security force there in collaboration with the UN. He has also worked in the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures industry providing training and consulting for the largest TSCM manufacturer. This involved directly supporting clients on five continents. He started his career with the US Navy.

Kyle Spires

Vice President of Technology, is an accomplished technology visionary with a track record of successful strategic and tactical leadership for the technical security industry. With over twenty years of experience in security, Mr. Spires has managed Security System Design and Implementation, employing cutting-edge technologies to deter, detect, delay, deny, and annunciate security breaches for critical high-security entities, corporate campuses, and private estates. A majority of these implementations have been multi-layered, scalable, and adaptive security systems fitting within established budgetary requirements.

Lew Merletti

Advisor, was the 19th Director of the United States Secret Service. After also being the Special Agent in Charge of Presidential Protection Division, he was the former head of security for the Cleveland Browns, and led the security for the NFL Super Bowl post-911.

Steve Armstrong

Cyber security lead, a dynamic business information assurance specialist, with an excellent background in securing real-time, critical, line-of-business systems. With over 26 years in security, Steve has focused the last 23 years on technical and cyber disciplines including incident response, threat intelligence penetration testing, red teaming, auditing/compliance and IT policy development/implementation. Mr. Armstrong is an experienced presenter with appearances on both BBC & Sky News and BBC Radio – Steve has appeared as the security expert briefing presenters on various topical matters. Steve has talked and presented at private, public and commercial events in both EU and US to over 700 attendees. International Principal Instructor for the SANS Institute and a former UK Government approved IT Security consultant (CLAS) Scheme 2008-2010, he still retains Above Secret UK clearance.

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